Wildflour Rockwell: the much-awaited branch is Wildflour's biggest one yet!

The one you’ve all been waiting for is finally open!

After months of heated anticipation, our Rockwell branch opened its doors yesterday, March 18, to a busy Sunday brunch crowd that can only be expected from the 5-year-strong Wildflour brand.

Wildflour Rockwell is cozily nestled at the Ground Floor of 8 Rockwell Center, with standout streetside access on the corner of Plaza Drive and Rockwell Drive.

The first Wildflour to officially drop the “Café + Bakery” monniker in favor of the more refined “Wildflour Restaurant” title, you can expect nothing less than the best brunch and bistro dishes, pastries, desserts, cakes, coffee, liquor, and wines in Manila at Wildflour Rockwell.

Complete with a Wildflour-first mezzanine bar and seating for more intimate, private rendezvous, breezy outdoor seating, and direct access to the 8 Rockwell ground floor lobby, the new Wildflour Rockwell is sure to be a neighborhood favorite!

Wildflour Rockwell is open daily from 5am – 12mn.

For reservations or inquiries, call 850-5503 or 09177053329 now!

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