30 Classic Restaurants That Taught Us How to Eat

(Excerpted from Esquire’s “30 Classic Restaurants That Taught Us How to Eat” by JJ Yulo, originally posted on October 9, 2017 http://www.esquiremag.ph/culture/food-and-drink/30-classic-restaurants-that-taught-us-how-to-eat-a1597-20171009-lfrm2)

JJ Yulo talks about the crazy trendsetters who did their thing and allowed the rest to follow


One of the youngest establishments on this list, WF had presence from the day they opened. From their masterpiece display of pastries and breads, to their seemingly simple but delicious menu made to specifically by their hard-working kitchen, WF upped the American café/bistro bar and also managed to capture the hearts of the expat crowd who fill them day in and day out. Oh, and kimchi fried rice everywhere in town? It started here.

IMAGE Toto Labrador

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