Wildflour’s New Dessert Is Like Mango + Strawberry Shortcake’s Even Lighter Cousin


(SPOT.ph) We know, we know, we’re still in the midst of the ‘Ber months, and the desserts that usually come to mind this time of the year are those of the cozy, warming sort—though really, does the appeal of fresh, juicy fruits ever go away? We think not. One of the best ways to showcase them is through the dessert known as a pavlova! Combining meringue, cream, and fruit, it’s especially popular in New Zealand and Australia—and its sweet and lush, crisp-meets-creamy profile makes for a great pair to just about any fruit. That includes everything from tangy strawberries to our naturally sweet and lush mangoes, and if this idea gets your mouth watering, guess what. You can get exactly that at Wildflour as they’ve introduced a new dessert: The Strawberry Mango Pavlova!

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Fresh fruit, cream, and meringue come together in Wildflour’s newest dessert. PHOTO BY PATRICIA BAES

You’ll fall in love with the new pavlova at Wildflour:

The Strawberry Mango Pavlova (P950/mini, P1,960/whole) is a vibrant dessert with a meringue base that’s light and airy, making for a crisp and delicate bite that melts in the mouth. It’s then topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit, namely strawberries, mangoes and blueberries—each of which contribute their own telltale taste and bursts of juiciness, not to mention a pop of color against the pale-white cream and meringue! Yup, consider it a fête of varying flavors and textures as all parts come together.

Fresh mangoes, strawberries, and blueberries add pops of color, juiciness, and tang. PHOTO BY PATRICIA BAES
You’ll want to get a little of everything—meringue, cream, and fruit—in each forkful for the full experience! PHOTO BY PATRICIA BAES

Wildflour’s got other new additions to their dessert line, too. The Birthday Cake (P1,450) is a colorful treat of vanilla sponge layers, custard, a dulce de leche filling, and pastel-hued rosettes of Italian meringue frosting swirled all around the cake—definitely worth adding to your weekend spread, whether or not it’s your birthday! The Pistachio Tres Leches (P1,895), on the other hand, upgrades Wildflour’s bestselling tres leches with a shower of crunchy green pistachios on top. And for a tropical bite, try the Mango Passion Fruit Pie (P2,450)—it’ll take you straight to the islands by taste with its mango-passionfruit filling, whipped cream, and nutty almond crust.

Just look at those colors on the Birthday Cake! PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/WILDFLOURMANILA
The Pistachio Tres Leches is the good kind of nutty. PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/WILDFLOURMANILA
A filling of mangoes and passionfruit makes for a lush, tropical-tasting treat in the Mango Passion Fruit Pie. PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/WILDFLOURMANILA

These desserts are all available for orders via Wildflour’s delivery website, Wildflour To-Go. You can also opt to message their Instagram page or give the branch nearest you a call for same-day deliveries.

Wildflour is a homegrown bakery and restaurant that first opened in 2012. They’re known for their pastries as well as their brunch and dinner specials that take inspiration from cuisines all over the world. Wildflour was also among the first to bring the Cronut—the trendy croissant-doughnut hybrid pastry created by pastry chef Dominique Ansel—to our shores.

For orders, visit Wildflour To-Go’s website. You can also send a message to their Instagram page, or see a list of contact numbers you can call. For more information, check out Wildflour Restaurant’s Facebook page.