Wildflour, Poison, and More: Where To Get The Yummiest Doughnuts In Metro Manila

By Ryanne Co

Craving for something sweet? Satisfy yourself with some of these delicious doughnuts, which are also some of the best in Manila!

Homer Simpson’s favourite snack is back with a vengeance. Manila’s top bakers aren’t letting community quarantine stop them from doing what they do best: fulfil everyone’s sugary cravings. Check out these delicious doughnut places in the city just in time for Doughnut Day on the 5th! 

Poison Coffee & Doughnuts

What’s better than ramen? Ramen and doughnuts — which is exactly what Poison Coffee & Doughnuts specialises in. Their flavours are simultaneously fun and intriguing. How do you feel about merienda with pili glazed doughnuts, coffee with the champorado doughnut, and dessert with salted dark caramel? They’re easily accessible on foodpanda and GrabFood and are open from Mondays through Sundays.

Buns & Bros

Although Buns & Bros are famous for their burgers, it would be a sin to overlook their doughnuts. Celebrate your birthday in quarantine with their whimsical doughnut birthday cake — a double layer of doughnuts, both munch-sized and regular. Topped with delicious frosting, sprinkles, and crumble, it’s the perfect way to treat yourself on a special occasion while at home.

Green Bar

If you’re looking for guilt-free indulgence, check out Green Bar’s vegan doughnuts. Their decadent flavours are an absolute treat, especially when you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary. Indulge in lemon matcha, peanut butter & jelly, decadent chocolate, and more!


Students in Katipunan likely have wonderful memories of Cello’s. They are, after all, a Quezon City staple — born in 2004 from a couple’s love of food. Nowadays, the brand’s letter doughnuts have become famous as a cute way to let someone know how you feel; their indulgent classic doughnuts are a great afternoon snack too. Choose from a variety of flavours that range from Boston Creme to Pastillas and Peanut Butter.

The Sugar Free Bakery

You might be able to tell what The Sugar Free Bakery is best known for; so if you’re looking for something a little less sinful then head on over to their page to their website to order something sweet. Although their flavours are currently a little limited, its soft texture and delicious flavour are a promising combination to future releases.


Wildflour is a staple for us here at Tatler, so we’re grateful for the fact that we can order their treats online! Wildflour To Go allows us to satisfy our cronut cravings any time of the day between 8:00AM to 4:00PM.

Bungalow Cafe

Bungalow Cafe’s doughnuts are famous for their awesome flavours. Their most recent releases include lemon cream, ube halaya, and double chocolate. Of course, they’ve got more than up their sleeve.

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