The buzz over our bar

Yes, Wild Flour is a fitting venue for lighthearted coffee talk, brunch gossip, and eating your feelings solo, but let’s not forget it’s also the perfect spot to let your hair down. For cocktail conversation, Wild Flour Rockwell’s upstairs bar makes for a proper gathering spot, be it for a boozy beginning to your Tinder date or a pre-party night pick-me-up with friends. Best part is you’ve got WF’s full menu on hand should you go a little too hard.

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The more, the merrier at our mezzanine

We pride ourselves in being the kind of restaurant you’ll want to share with your loved ones, your coworkers, even your exes. So we’re making it easier to spread the love with a whole lot of other people through Wild Flour Rockwell’s mezzanine, which can be rented for private functions. Rates begin at 30,000 pesos for two hours, all consumable. Go gaga over a grub-happy gathering, y’all.

Give it up for mangoes, everybody

We’re making the most of mango season through a fruity new Tarte Flambée de Mangue. Besides gobs of delicious goat’s cheese, your favorite flat and flaky tarte is topped with the ripest, most painstakingly picked sweet mango. Try it before the season ends!

We’re watching what you eat too

Not everything on our menu is sinfully and memorably good. There’s a lot on our menu that can be good for you too—wholesome, veg-out choices such as Wild Flour’s new vegetable cassoulet, a high-protein quinoa salad with fresh tuna, and even smoothies that can stand as meals on their own. Whatever the case, Wild Flour’s also got your best body-good interests at heart.

And we’re here for you most of the time

Let’s not forget that Wild Flour and sister cafe Little Flour are open from 5 a.m. to midnight daily, except for Sundays (both close at 4 p.m.) That’s practically the entire day, so most of the time, you get to treat yo’ self. 

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