Manila food: 6 dishes every visitor should try in the Philippines

(Excerpted from Anthony Bourdain’s “Manila food: 6 dishes every visitor should try in the Philippines” by Don Jaucian and Michelle Ayuyao, in CNN Travel on September 13, 2017

(CNN) — Forget the “exotic” duck embryos and fried pigs’ heads you often see representing the Philippines on TV.Filipino cuisine has new legs to stand on thanks to a few innovative and passionate Manila-based chefs.

One slice of Wildflour’s buko pie is never enough.

Buko pie stands are almost a roadside attraction.

A venerable pasalubong (homecoming gift) to take back to Manila after a trip south — particularly Laguna, where this humble pie was born — buko is similar to custard pie but with a denser filling that’s made without cream and sweetened with condensed milk.There are two keys to the perfect buko pie: the consistency of the crust and the evenness of the filling.

Where to try it:Wildflour, Manila’s brunch mecca and sibling to Los Angeles’ famous Republique (chefs Walter and Margarita Manzke are part owners).Heftier than most, Wildflour’s slices include a memorable layered crust that opens up to a thick bed of coconut meat underneath.Its flavor is a complex yet simple example of why the buko pie has become a beloved staple in Filipino homes. 

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